Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

The inaugural Illustrative Mathematics Annual Report (2023) entitled Empowering Students Through Mathematics, highlights our dedicated efforts to transform mathematics education. This comprehensive report:

  • Shares our strategic initiatives in curriculum development, professional learning, and community engagement, which together, have widened access to high-quality grade-level mathematics education.
  • Showcases our collaborations with educators, partners, and communities to create supportive learning environments for every student to excel.
  • Provides a financial overview, detailing our commitment to stewardship and effective resource management, and further demonstrates our focus on mission-driven success.

As we look to the future, the report reflects our goals to innovate and broaden our impact, ensuring all children have the opportunity to know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

Download the report now to explore IM’s pathways to a brighter mathematical future for every learner!