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IM Certified curricula are the complete curricula authored and reviewed by Illustrative Mathematics.

IM Certified curricula are:

  • guaranteed to be authored, reviewed, and updated by IM
  • assured to have the rigor, structure, and coherence as developed by the IM authors
  • available exclusively via IM Certified Distribution Partners who give the IM authors oversight of their IM curriculum digital and print experiences

IM Certified Curriculum Distribution Partners

IM Certified Distribution Partners exclusively offer IM Certified curricula for free and via enhanced teacher and student experiences in digital and print formats. This means you have more choices and flexibility for print and digital to meet the needs of your district, plus you’ll receive the most current versions available. IM Distribution Partners sell IM Certified Professional Learning facilitated by certified Illustrative Mathematics Facilitators.

IM Certified Distribution Partners:

  • are the sole providers of the IM Certified curricula
  • strategically align with the mission and goal of IM
  • guarantee their enhancements to the curriculum are thoroughly vetted by the IM authors
  • are always the first to carry the latest versions of IM Certified curricula
  • give a portion of proceeds from the sale back to IM for the ongoing development and enhancement of the curriculum and professional learning


Imagine Learning IM K–12 Math, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, offers a comprehensive solution optimized for engagement, accessibility, and usability.  The digital and print instructional experience includes exclusive enhancements such as videos, centers, lesson cards, digital interactives, assessments, and more. Imagine Learning partners with schools and districts to ensure implementation with integrity.

Kendall Hunt provides the only free, digital access to IM K–12 Math, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, along with high-quality printed resources to ensure teachers and students are making the most of IM’s problem-based curriculum. The digital curriculum provides schools access to the most up-to-date version so students receive an effective mathematics education.

IM 360 powered by Kiddom unites ground-breaking technology with Illustrative Mathematics’ high-quality curriculum.  Kiddom empowers educators to customize, implement, and measure the impact of IM 360 on a simple, powerful platform. A full suite of digital tools and functionality creates dynamic, engaging learning experiences for students, while real-time data supports informed instructional choices.

IM Certified Supplemental Materials Partners

IM Supplemental Partners have produced materials to support the successful implementation of the IM curriculum. The IM team has thoroughly reviewed these materials and find them to be true to the original intent of the IM Curriculum.

CenterPoint Education Solutions’ interim assessments are aligned to IM 6-12 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics and have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by the IM authors. CenterPoint’s IM Certified Interim Assessments are the only ones that give teachers information specifically about students’ progress on the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and its underlying standards. CenterPoint’s IM Certified Interim Assessments match the scope and sequence teachers follow and reflect the kinds of deep work students do with IM 6-12 Math. No more disconnected assessments that provide generic data. Now teachers can have meaningful data that tie specifically to the curriculum and can directly inform instructional decisions.

IM Certified Professional Learning Service Partners

Our network of IM Certified partners connects motivated educators with IM Certified facilitators who are specially trained to deliver high-quality professional learning to teachers, coaches, and district leaders in districts that have adopted IM’s curriculum.

CREC Capital Region Education Counsel
CenterPoint Education Solutions
Kendall Hunt
Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin
Michigan Math and Science Leadership Network