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Welcome to IMx Presents, our exclusive platform where math education experts and practitioners are joined by Illustrative Mathematics’ thought leaders to enhance the experience of teachers and leaders in the IM Classroom. Throughout each feature, IM representatives showcase key components of the IM curriculum and invite the IM community to learn more about our vision to create a world where all learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

Our on-demand webinars provide informative and inspiring discussions that highlight key components and helpful techniques to carry out the IM curriculum with integrity. 

In our featured podcasts, we present compelling conversation with mathematics experts on various topics, including how to use the IM curriculum to connect and inspire learners. 

IM Experience

The IM Experience!

The IM Experience connects educators to engaging experiences and resources by elevating the IM curriculum journey. Learn how IM is delivering experiences that inspire, uplift, and encourage learners to know, use, and enjoy mathematics. Learn more about the IM Experience today!