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IM Resource Hub Tutorial

Join Kristin Gray, K–5 Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning, IM K–5 Math v.I, for an in-depth look at our new K–5 curriculum. She’ll give a tour of the teacher materials, demonstrate the lesson structure from warm-up to cool down, and explain how centers support math fluency. 

Bill McCallum Talks Learning Loss on EdTech Today

IM’s CEO Bill McCallum went on EdTech Today in February to talk about how learning loss has scaled during the pandemic and how educators can help students. He talks about how we can’t just sit kids in front of a computer to help them catch up and how we need new solutions to set kids up for success.

Illustrative Mathematics, Family Engagement Lab, and Partnership for Los Angeles Schools Collaborate to Support Family Engagement in Math

Tucson, AZ — Feb. 24, 2021 — Illustrative Mathematics (IM) and Family Engagement Lab have partnered to bridge classroom curriculum and at-home learning in elementary school mathematics. Through this partnership, Family Engagement Lab will align its FASTalk (Families and Schools Talk) family engagement tool with the IM K–5 Math curriculum. Together, the two nonprofits will collaborate with Partnership for Los Angeles Schools to make the new tool available at participating pilot sites in Los Angeles Unified School District starting this month.

Engaging Families in a Math Night

Students arrive at middle level or high school with different experiences and perspectives on what “doing math” means. Their families do, too. Every school year, families share common questions…

Tackling Unfinished Learning in Mathematics

BY WILLIAM G. MCCALLUM, KATE NOWAK, KRISTIN GRAY, KEVIN LINER, AND DAVID PETERSEN September 30th, 2020 As schools across the nation resume in person or virtually, unfinished learning and achievement...

IM curriculum-aligned interim assessments

BY ESCHOOL NEWS STAFF April 7th, 2020 Pinpoint students’ learning strengths and needs in real time CenterPoint has made its entire suite of products free for schools and individual teachers through...

Distance Learning Resources

Dear Community Member, Our shared mission of creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics creates a bond that transcends any distance, physical or social. We may not be able to...

3 Ways to Support Problem-Based Instruction

By William G. McCallum When I was a child, I enjoyed borrowing puzzle books from the library. One puzzle was “The 12-Coin Problem”—the most difficult of all coin-weighing problems. My mother and I...

From Invention to Impact: Illustrative Mathematics

In 2014, University of Arizona Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Bill McCallum, now retired, started a new company dedicated to transforming mathematics education across the U.S. He had been...

Why We Love Our Math Software

Math gets a bad reputation for no good reason. After all, it’s a universal language and it applies to so many areas of life. Learning math can be challenging, and teaching it can be equally...

4 steps to adopting OER

Open educational resources present enormous opportunities to enhance teaching and learning. One of the primary draws, of course, is that they’re free. This is particularly helpful for small school...

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