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IM 360

Introducing IM® 360, the new version of the IM K–12 Math curriculum, launching Summer of 2024. After listening to valuable feedback from educators and students alike, we’ve made transformative changes to create an even more inclusive learning environment.


IM K–12 Math is a problem-based core curriculum built on the principle that all students are capable learners of grade-level mathematics. Students learn math by doing math. They are encouraged to use their current understanding of math, their lived experiences, and the world around them as resources for problem solving. By starting with what students already know, teachers invite all students to contribute to mathematical learning, centering student thinking, and being responsive as students develop conceptual understanding.

Learn How it Started

Founded in 2011 at the University of Arizona, Illustrative Mathematics is guided and inspired by educators who work in spirited teams to do extraordinary things. 

The result is a comprehensive suite of math curricula and professional learning offerings designed to encourage engaging and affirming math instruction and support the development of positive mathematical identities.

Use curriculum fully aligned to college – and career-ready standards

Together, founders Bill McCallum and Kristin Umland have spent over 20 years dedicating their lives to helping teachers, educators, mathematicians, and policymakers show fidelity to both mathematical coherence and student learning. Their vision of helping people solve problems through mathematics began as a project at the University of Arizona. That vision realized is now Illustrative Mathematics–a leading non-profit organization in the mathematics education space with a complete, coherent, standards-aligned K–12 curriculum. IM K-12 Math™ is fully aligned to the focus, rigor, and coherence of the standards, and has been given the stamp of approval by EdReports, earning perfect scores in the areas of Focus & Coherence and Rigor & Mathematical Practices.

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IM K–12 Math is an open educational resource (OER), which means it’s free and available for anyone to use under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license. To get access to curricular materials that are always up-to-date, high-quality, and aligned to IM’s vision, visit our IM Certified® Partners. IM Certified curricular materials are accessible for free in a downloadable format, or pay a fee for printed materials and access to digital platforms.

IM Certified® Professional Learning is a highly recommended support for teachers and leaders to successfully implement IM K–12 Math. Teachers learn how to make the shift to a problem-based instructional model, integrating equitable and responsive teaching practices that center student thinking. Leaders gain access to tools and resources that support planning, observations, and feedback. 

Make your classroom an IM classroom


The IM Classroom consists of teachers and students using IM K–12 Math™ distributed by one of our trusted IM Certified Partners (Kendall Hunt and Imagine Learning). IM Classroom teachers practice IM’s problem-based instructional model with integrity, and believe that all of their students are capable of learning grade-level mathematics. School and district leaders of the IM Classroom proactively support curriculum implementation, and teachers participate in IM Certified Professional Learning. Choose a partner and get started.


Our partners provide the ideal experience with our curriculum.

IM Certified Partners share our commitment to providing the IM Certified Curriculum to all teachers and students as it is meant to be experienced, in the format they need to ensure success.

Imagine Learning IM K–12 Math, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, offers a comprehensive solution optimized for engagement, accessibility, and usability.  The digital and print instructional experience includes exclusive enhancements such as videos, centers, lesson cards, digital interactives, assessments, and more. Imagine Learning partners with schools and districts to ensure implementation with integrity.

Family-owned and operated, we at Kendall Hunt have a 75-year tradition of providing innovative curricula to meet the specific needs of students and teachers. Illustrative Mathematics is the latest addition to our lineup of hands-on science, mathematics, gifted and virtual reality curricula for grades PreK-12. We provide the only free, digital middle school and high school mathematics curriculum for students in grades 6-12, along with high-quality printed resources to ensure you and your students are making the most of your Illustrative Mathematics problem-based curriculum.


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IM K–5 math curriculum is needed right now because there is not a program that currently aligns to the math standards and practices while looking at coherence across the grade levels like IM is planning. In addition, they are using high leverage research based math teaching practices, including professional learning for teachers, reflection questions for teachers and coaches, and number routines that build upon each other through the K–5 progression. They are intentional about the visual models they are using at each grade level to help build a deep understanding of the math concepts.

— Georgina R., Bristol, CT