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Meets all expectations in all three EdReports Gateways

Learn more about IM 6–8 Math™ v.III and IM 9–12 Math™ v.I with this in-depth look at our 6–12 curriculum. Examine the structure of a lesson through the lens of the design features of the curriculum and with a focus on the philosophy and instructional shifts. Learn about the resources available around student understanding, discourse, planning, assessment, and access for each student.

I have used the IM Algebra I curriculum this year. It has been such a rewarding and amazing experience for my students—I feel like they have progressed so much more in their mathematical understanding. The quality of my instruction and the quality of intervention in my immersion class have improved so much, and it is entirely due to the thoughtfulness and the quality of your curriculum.

— Jim Dougherty, Mathematics Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

The curriculum does a fantastic job of spiraling previous content into current units, which means I do not have to find other ways to incorporate the ideas—IM does it for me! This curriculum allows students to dig deep in to math in a fun and practical way and I get to be a guide that cheers them on!

— Caitlin Craft, Math Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico

IM 9-12 Math has spurred a rapid paradigm shift in how I go about teaching and learning mathematics. Furthermore, my students have developed a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through making meaning of their conversations with each other and myself about the topic at hand.

— Joseph Dziuba, Math Teacher, New Brunswick Public Schools, New Jersey

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A coherent progression of learning

IM K–12 Math™ is fully aligned to the focus, rigor, and coherence of the standards, and has been given the stamp of approval by EdReports, earning perfect scores in the areas of Focus & Coherence and Rigor & Mathematical Practices. The scope and sequence of units, activities, and representations are designed to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, build fluency with procedures, and solve mathematical problems that reflect their lived experiences.

Academic language development

Math vocabulary is developed through the process of actively exploring and learning mathematics. Students make sense of mathematical concepts using informal language before academic terms are introduced. Embedded within the curriculum are Mathematical Language Routines to support academic language development for all learners. These routines also provide opportunities for English Learners to engage in the specialized academic language demands of reading, writing, speaking, listening, conversing, and representing in math. 

Culturally responsive pedagogy

Materials are designed to affirm students as they build positive mathematical identities. Units and lessons begin by inviting students to use their prior mathematical knowledge, funds of knowledge, language, and culture to make sense of new mathematical concepts. Activities offer collaborative learning opportunities and instructional routines that center student thinking and encourage students to bring their whole selves to math class. Grades K–5 courses (and coming soon to 6–12 courses) include problem-solving contexts that positively reflect ethnically diverse cultures and support the implementation of culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy.

Teacher learning

Units and lessons include narratives that describe the mathematical work that will unfold, and activities and lessons include a synthesis that assists the teacher with ways to help students incorporate new insights gained into their big-picture understanding. Formative assessments help create clear pathways to address student outcomes. Teacher-facing materials support teachers to develop, refine, and reflect on instructional practices.

A High School Curriculum That Tells a Story

Teacher-tested, standards-aligned, and research-based

Designed for high school learners, this curriculum encourages the problem-solving skills students need to better understand the real world. The story of each course is told in units; each unit has a narrative that describes the mathematical work that will unfold in that unit. Each lesson in the unit also has a narrative.

IM 9–12 Math meets expectations in all EdReports Gateways. EdReports is an independent nonprofit that reviews K–12 instructional materials for focus, coherence, and rigor. Read the full analyses for Kendall Hunt and Imagine Learning.

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IM Certified® IM Professional Learning™

IM Professional Learning for mathematics is deeply integrated with the curriculum. The program provides teachers and leaders long-term, sustainable support for developing, refining, and reflecting on instructional practices.


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IM Certified Partners share our commitment to providing the IM Certified Curriculum to all teachers and students as it is meant to be experienced, in the format they need to ensure success.

Imagine Learning IM K–12 Math, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, offers a comprehensive solution optimized for engagement, accessibility, and usability.  The digital and print instructional experience includes exclusive enhancements such as videos, centers, lesson cards, digital interactives, assessments, and more. Imagine Learning partners with schools and districts to ensure implementation with integrity.

Kendall Hunt provides the only free, digital access to IM K–12 Math, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, along with high-quality printed resources to ensure teachers and students are making the most of IM’s problem-based curriculum. The digital curriculum provides schools access to the most up-to-date version so students receive an effective mathematics education.

IM 360 powered by Kiddom unites ground-breaking technology with Illustrative Mathematics’ high-quality curriculum.  Kiddom empowers educators to customize, implement, and measure the impact of IM 360 on a simple, powerful platform. A full suite of digital tools and functionality creates dynamic, engaging learning experiences for students, while real-time data supports informed instructional choices.


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An Expert-Authorized Curriculum

We're Dedicated to Teacher and Student Success

Our curricula are designed by respected thought leaders who share IM's goal
to create a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

William G. McCallum

William G. McCallum

CEO & Co-Founder

Bill McCallum has dedicated his life to helping teachers, educators, mathematicians, and policymakers show fidelity to both mathematical coherence and student learning.

He is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at The University of Arizona, where he researches number theory and arithmetical algebraic geometry, authors textbooks, and advises researchers and policymakers. Bill’s work as a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics earned him the Distinguished Public Service Award from the American Mathematical Society and the Dolciani Award from the Mathematical Association of America.

As President and co-founder of Illustrative Mathematics, he chairs the Board of Directors where he helps craft the strategic direction of the organization and contributes to the curricula; he also represents IM to funders, at speaking events, and in workshops.

Kristin Umland

Kristin Umland

Content Lead, IM 9–12 Math™ v. I

Kristin believes that all children can learn and enjoy mathematics, and that by coordinating the expertise of teachers, mathematicians, math education researchers, and business professionals, we can help students realize their mathematical potential.

Before joining the IM team, she was an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New Mexico (UNM). After joining UNM with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, she carried out research in mathematics education, taught pre-service and in-service elementary and secondary teachers, and conducted education outreach at the local, state, and national level. A recipient of both the Louise Hay Award and the AMS Impact Award, Kristin’s goal has always been to improve the mathematical and pedagogical quality of children’s learning experiences.

A co-founder of IM, she now serves as VP for Content Development and oversees the development of curriculum and professional learning.

Kate Nowak

Kate Nowak

Director 6–12 Curriculum, IM 9–12 Math™ v. I

Kate is a writer, teacher, and curriculum designer. After a successful 8 years teaching high school mathematics and writing the popular blog f(t), she transitioned into a career in curriculum design.

As the instructional lead author of the IM 6–8 and IM Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 curricula, Kate loves leading teams to create products that help teachers and students know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

Kate is very enthusiastic about puzzles, smoothies, and navigating public transit in new cities.

Yenche Tioanda

Yenche Tioanda

Algebra 1 Lead, IM 9–12 Math™ v. I

Yenche is passionate about learning and helping others learn. She is also a fan of spicy food, public radio, walking outings, and game nights with her family.

Her adventures in math education began as a high-school teacher and a corps member of Teach For America in Philadelphia. Over the past 14 years she has worked as a teacher, curriculum designer, leader of a professional learning community, administrator, and consultant to schools and non-profit organizations.

Now as Algebra 1 and Grade 6 Lead for IM, she is dedicated to expanding the opportunities for all students to enjoy and be curious about math.

Ashli Black

Ashli Black

Algebra 2 Lead, IM 9–12 Math™ v. I

Ashli is inspired by doing math with other teachers, discussing classroom practice, and reading what research tells us about how to best support student learning. She can often can be found hiking in the mountains or covered in flour in the kitchen.

She began her education career 12 years ago as a high school teacher in Washington State. She is a National Board Certified teacher, and an alumna of the Park City Mathematics Institute.

In 2011, Ashli joined the Illustrative Mathematics team part-time working on social media outreach and task publication. She is now the lead writer of the grade 8 and Algebra 2 IM curricula.

Tina Cardone

Tina Cardone

Geometry Lead, IM 9–12 Math™ v. I

When she isn’t writing or talking about math, Tina enjoys crocheting and hiking with her foster dogs.

Tina spent over 10 years teaching high school math at public schools in Massachusetts. Active in the online math community, in 2013 she organized the ideas of her Twitter network into the book Nix the Tricks (followed by a second edition in 2015). She has presented at regional and national conferences on nixing tricks in the mathematics classroom and on language routines to support student learning.

As Geometry Lead at IM, Tina is excited to bring her experience with teaching conceptually and making math accessible for all students to the IM curricula.

David Petersen

David Petersen

Statistics Lead Writer, IM 9–12 Math™ v. I

Currently based in Ohio, David organizes annual conferences that bring math teachers together offline where they can share insights and expertise, and build real-world community. He also enjoys spending time with his two young children and reading comic books.

David spent ten years teaching high school math in Tennessee and Missouri before joining the IM team, where he is dedicated to helping others explore connections among concepts so they can better understand how math relates to real-life experiences.

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

High School Professional Learning Lead

Jennifer enjoys learning alongside the Illustrative Mathematics community as a professional learning facilitator and writer. She previously taught and learned math with students and teachers in Mississippi for 25 years. She is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (2011) and a National Board Certified Teacher.

Jennifer thinks a lot about how we might slow down and savor learning math through questions, connections, and collaboration. She enjoys slow food meals with family and friends, reading, hiking, and running.

Liz Ramirez

Liz Ramirez

Director of Access and Supports

Liz Ramirez is passionate about supporting access for English learners and students with disabilities and has spent her career learning along with the best in her field. She started out as a middle school math teacher in New York City. In the years that followed, she taught and coached in NYC Public Schools and abroad.

At Illustrative Mathematics, Liz has worked with teams to develop quality resources and professional learning opportunities that empower teachers to meet the diverse needs of their students. In her current role as Director of Implementation, she is focused on the development of tools, resources, and professional learning that will help districts successfully implement the IM curriculum.