2022 Presentations

Imagine Learning Sponsored Showcase: Supporting Teachers with Incorporating Productive Mathematical Discussion
Lisa Matthews, Instructional Coach and Illustrative Mathematics Certified Facilitator

Curriculum Implementation Assessment as an Impetus for Creating a Shared Vision and Facilitating Change
Liz Ramirez and Jennifer Wilson

Building a Coherent Instructional System around Open Educational Resources
Presented by Dr. Bill McCallum, IM CEO

Mathematical Language Routines: Cultivating Conversation in Middle School Classrooms
Presented by Vanessa Cerrahoglu, Liz Ramirez, Jennifer Wilson

Mathematical Language Routines: Cultivating Conversation in High School Classrooms
Presented by Vanessa Cerrahoglu, Liz Ramirez, Jennifer Wilson

#SlowMath: Looking for and Making Use of Structure
Presented by Vanessa Cerrahoglu, Liz Ramirez, Jennifer Wilson

2018 Presentations

Five Ways to Integrate Assessment into Instructional Practice
Ashli Black and Bowen Kerins

Mathematical Language Routines: Equity and Access for All
Craig Schneider, Vanessa Cerrahoglu, and Sadie Estrella

Levels of Rigor in Proofs Using Transformations
Gabriel Rosenberg and Tina Cardone

Cultivating Agency, Mathematical Understanding, and Language through Math Language Routines
Jennifer Wilson and Vanessa Cerrahoglu

Transforming HS Geometry with GeoGebra: Featuring Activities from Illustrative Mathematics Geometry
Jen Silverman and John Golden

Ensuring Equity with LearnZillion’s publication of the Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math Curriculum
Kevin Liner and Jeff Crawford

Coaching for Content: The Top 3 Elementary Math Topics That Must be Taught Differently
Kristin Gray, Marni Greenstein, Dionne Samb, and Shelbi Cole

Coaching for Depth: Ways of Thinking That Lead to Ways of Doing
Kristin Gray, Jody Guarino, and Vanessa Cerrahoglu

Coach Using Purposeful Math Routines from Illustrative Mathematics K-5 Curriculum
Kristin Gray and Jody Guarino

Creating a Lesson Sequence Better Than the Sum of the Parts
Kristin Gray

Illustrative Mathematics K–5 Curriculum: Using Purposeful Math Routines
Kristin Gray and Jody Guarino

IM 6-8 Math Curriculum: Creating a Mathematical Story
Kristin Gray and Kevin Liner

Making Mathematics Meaningful: Coherent Curriculum Structures, Supports and Routines
Kristin Gray

Mathematical Routines
Kristin Gray

Using the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Student Discussions
Kristin Gray and Jody Guarino

How High-Quality Curriculum Supports Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
Kristin Umland and Paul Conley

Supporting Mathematical Language Development by Design
Kristin Umland and Tammy Baumann

Mathematical Language Routines: Developing Students’ Voices and Sense Making
Vanessa Cerrahoglu, Sadie Estrella, and Craig Schneider

Curricular Coherence and Teaching Routines: Designing Scalable Mathematics Curriculum for All Classrooms
William McCallum and Tammy Baumann

LZ Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum (Grades 6–8)
William McCallum, Colette Chambers, and Posie Wood

The Promise of Open Curriculum
William McCallum