Building Thinking in an IM Classroom

May 4, 2023
60 min

IM users everywhere are sharing their experiences with implementing IM K–12 Math™ alongside the practices within researcher Peter Liljedahl’s book, Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics (2020). They’ve discovered a tangible alignment between the intended structure of the IM Classroom and many of the 14 Practices described in the book. Moreover, IM teachers and leaders alike are excited about the shifts they are seeing in their math classrooms.

This webinar invites you to experience this insightful discussion first-hand! Author Peter Liljedahl offers field-tested and practical ways to build engaging math classrooms that center student thinking, and encourage both student autonomy and collaboration. Peter is joined by math education experts Kelly Baker and Adrienne Baytops-Paul, both experienced practitioners who have successfully implemented the IM curriculum and built Thinking Classrooms at the elementary and middle school levels, respectively.

During the webinar, Illustrative Mathematics CEO and Co-Founder, Bill McCallum shares details about the IM Classroom and how IM’s problem-based instructional model builds thinking for all students.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, math coach, or school or district leader, this webinar is designed to provide you with tools to develop and sustain equitable learning environments that encourage all students to actively participate in critical thinking and problem solving during math instruction.

This event is hosted by Dionne Aminata, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Illustrative Mathematics.