Family Engagement, Collaboration, and Support

Families play a crucial role in student learning, and at IM, we believe that students should be empowered to recognize and explore math in the world around them, whether they are at school, at home, or in their communities. Since students’ understanding of mathematics is shaped by their lived experiences, we encourage educators to learn about and value these experiences.

Our webinar, Family Engagement, Collaboration, and Support aims to highlight the opportunities schools and districts have to improve collaboration with families, who have been increasingly relied upon to support student learning as schools shift between virtual, in-person, and hybrid instructional formats. To help us unpack this topic, we have assembled a panel of family engagement and math education experts, parents, and school leaders. We invite educators and families to join us for this important discussion.

During the webinar, we will feature IM Certified Facilitator Robin Moore, who will highlight the family support materials embedded in IM K–5 Math, and share a variety of ways that IM is working to engage families in their students’ mathematics education.