May 12, 2020

IM Certified Facilitators deliver high-quality professional learning experiences to guide and support educators in implementing IM K–12 Math curricula

Tucson, AZ — May 12, 2020 — Over the last three years, Illustrative Mathematics (IM) Certified Facilitators have delivered professional learning to more than 2,500 middle and high school educators to support them in teaching with IM’s problem-based core curricula. As IM gears up for the IM K–5 Math beta pilot in 2020–2021, it has expanded its certification program to grades K–5, and more than 35 K–5 educators from 22 states have become IM Certified Facilitators to date.\

IM Certified Facilitators undergo a rigorous qualification and training process to gain mastery in delivering impactful professional learning experiences based on the IM curriculum authors’ intent. Acceptance into the certification program is reserved for educators with considerable expertise in teaching or coaching mathematics, active interest in leading high-quality professional development, and the ability to commit to an ongoing, intensive course of study.

“In mathematics, student learning depends not only on the curriculum but on the knowledge and commitment of a community of teachers passionate about that learning. IM Certified facilitators support that community in using IM curricula to create energetic, engaged classrooms where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics,” said Dr. William McCallum, IM co-founder and CEO.

IM Certified Facilitators bring K–12 districts deep knowledge and application of the content and practice standards on which IM curricula are based. They help educators develop confidence in facilitating problem-based lessons while promoting student discourse and conceptual understanding.

“The IM Certified Facilitator training developed my understanding of the coherent math story threaded through each IM K–5 Math lesson and activity,” said Maureen O’Connell, a math specialist at Paul F. Doyon Memorial School in Ipswich, Mass. “It enhanced my ability to work with colleagues as we grow our math practice and implement this stellar curriculum to create a joyful, problem-based math community.”

For information or to apply to be an IM Certified Facilitator, visit https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/professional-learning/im-certification/.

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