May 20, 2020

K–5 distance learning support includes daily image, grade-level aligned questions and activities to do at home

Tucson, AZ — May 20, 2020 — In a distance learning model, how can K–5 teachers and families build upon what students have learned this year in mathematics and keep the learning going at home? Illustrative Mathematics (IM) announces IM Talking Math, a series of daily questions to foster math discussions at home.

IM Talking Math features a daily prompt that anchors on an image. IM shares the image with an invitational launch and a link to related discussion questions aligned to the standards for each grade level. IM Talking Math also includes “After the Image” questions and activities to do at home. To extend the learning, teachers and families can use the picture to initiate conversations with students about math in the world around them and encourage them to make connections to their lives.

IM Talking Math can be used in a variety of ways. Teachers can send the prompts to students to respond digitally, or to families to promote math talk at home. Teachers or administrators can also print and provide the pictures and questions to families who pick up meals at school. 

“The IM Talking Math prompts have been popular among teachers and families,” said Dr. Hilary Kreisberg, director of Lesley University’s Center for Mathematics Achievement. “Teachers are sharing that these tasks are accessible and address various cultural contexts, allowing for more students to see themselves as mathematicians within each task. They have also helped teachers adjust their pedagogy and families communicate mathematically with their children during an incredibly difficult time.” 

“We want students to continue to be curious about mathematics and talk about their math ideas. The IM Talking Math prompts are an engaging way to start these conversations and inspire students to notice and enjoy mathematics in the world around them,” said Kristin Gray, director of K–5 curriculum and professional learning for IM. 

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