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In our featured podcasts, we present compelling conversation with mathematics experts on various topics, including how to use the IM curriculum to connect and inspire learners. Our thought partners are dedicated to exploring and sharing what is crucial to math success and how to excite and immerse students in their mathematics education.  


Engaging Students, Empowering Minds: A Conversation with Bill McCallum

Join us for an insightful conversation with Bill McCallum, co-founder of Illustrative Mathematics and a distinguished professor in mathematics education. In this episode, we delve into important topics that will transform your perspective on mathematics instruction.

Discover what makes a problem engaging for students and how to identify struggling learners through classroom observations. Explore the power of connecting mathematics to meaningful stories and the potential impact of A.I. and digital tools on future instruction.

Math Talk: Math Is NOT A Universal Language And Here Is Why With Odalis Amparo

How many times have you heard this phrase, math is math, it is a universal language. Well, let me tell you, it is not. And that is exactly what today’s guest, Odalis Amparo from Illustrative Mathematics, and I talk about. Odalis is a skilled educator who is highly committed to elevating the voice and supporting the achievement of students and teachers in historically marginalized communities. She’s fiercely passionate about the intersection between language learning, mathematics instruction and the culturally sustaining pedagogy. Odalis is currently a professional learning specialist at Illustrative Mathematics, but has experience as an elementary classroom teacher and mathematics coach in a variety of settings. Odalis and I have a powerful conversation about why teaching math language is a must.

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