Leveraging Coherence to Build Responsive Classrooms

June 1, 2023
60 min

Across the country, teachers have been charged with building responsive classrooms where students’ mathematical thinking drives instructional decisions. But, how does this actually work in real life?

Watch this incredible discussion as teachers and leaders of Greeley-Evans School District 6 in Greeley, Colorado reflect on their journey towards creating responsive and affirming classroom environments where all students contribute to their mathematical learning. They share how deeply understanding the coherent progression of the math content standards has supported them to successfully listen and respond to student thinking.

During this webinar, Illustrative Mathematics CEO and Co-Founder, Bill McCallum highlights the coherent design of the highly-rated IM K–12 Math™ curriculum, and the importance of responsiveness in the IM Classroom.

This event is hosted by Dionne Aminata, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Illustrative Mathematics.