Pacing for Rigor

August 17, 2023
60 min

Whether you are in your first or second year of implementation or settling into your groove, one thing we know is that there are questions about pacing. How do we fit it all in?

To help you prepare for the upcoming school year, our IM Team will share practical ways to keep up the pace so that all students engage in rigorous math tasks and experience high quality math instruction.

Listen in on an informative discussion with IM Curriculum authors and Professional Learning content leaders. They share ways to make practical adaptations to the IM K-12 Math™ curriculum to ensure it caters to the unique needs of every student, while still maintaining the rigor of the grade level content.

At Illustrative Mathematics, we firmly believe that every student is brilliant. We strive to empower educators with the tools and knowledge to unlock the full potential of their students and create an inclusive learning environment.

This event is hosted by Dionne Aminata, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Illustrative Mathematics.