IM Resource Hub™ FAQs

FAQ: IM Community Hub Transition to IM Resource Hub

When is the IM Community Hub going away?
The IM Community Hub evolved to IM Resource Hub from January 2022-June 2022.  In late June 2022, the IM Community Hub was decommissioned and replaced by the IM Resource Hub beta.

What is the IM Resource Hub beta?
We are deploying the beta version of the IM Resource Hub so that we can make any tweaks and edits needed in order to provide you with an exceptional user experience.  

Will the IM Resource Hub beta version be totally different from the final IM Resource Hub version?
No; we will make minimal changes between the beta version and the final version.

Will I have to login to the IM Resource Hub?
No, we’ve made it easy for you to access the IM Resource Hub beta and the IM Resource Hub!  You won’t need a username and password to access either. You’ll just simply visit the site, and you’re in.

What will happen to my IM Community Hub login information (username and password)?
Once the IM Community Hub is gone (or decommissioned), your username and password will not be retained for security purposes.

I’ve bookmarked the links to my favorite resources in the IM Community Hub.  Will I have to create new bookmarks once the IM Resource Hub Beta goes live?
We were able to redirect most of the IM Community Hub resource links to the new IM Resource Hub. This means that your IM Community Hub bookmarks should still work.  However, there will be some bookmarks that you will have to create for resources in the new IM Resource Hub.

Who can I contact for assistance or help with navigating the IM Resource Hub beta?
For questions, concerns, or assistance, send an email to: Also, once the final IM Resource Hub goes live later this summer, we’ll provide you with a screencast video with tips on how to navigate the IM Resource Hub to find what you’re looking for.