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In the Stories of Grades K–5 ebook, you will read the stories of the mathematics of each course of IM K–5 Math, detailed by authors of the curriculum. These stories convey the coherent structure of grade-level content, how concepts are developed for students, and the deliberate choice of tools and representations used in each grade, from kindergarten through grade 5. You will also learn about key design features of IM K–5 Math, including structures to develop strong math communities, instructional routines to invite all students to think deeply about math concepts, and teacher reflection prompts to support responsive instruction. 

IM K–5 Math lead authors
IM K–5 Math™ is rigorous, problem-based, and fully aligned to the standards, with coherence within and across grade levels. The lead curriculum authors are respected thought leaders who share IM’s mission to create a world where all learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

Alex Clayton
Kindergarten Lead, IM K–5 Math v.I 

Sara Baranauskus
Grade 1 Lead, IM K–5 Math v.I 

Deborah Peart
Grade 2 Lead, IM K–5 Math v.I 

Zack Hill
Grade 3 Lead, IM K–5 Math v.I 

Kaneka Turner
Grade 4 Lead, IM K–5 Math v.I 

Sarah Caban
Grade 5 Lead, IM K–5 Math v.I

The blog authors for the Stories of Grades K–5 blog posts take you on a journey from kindergarten through grade 5, detailing how the lead curriculum authors wrote the story of math for each grade in IM K–5 Math™
The Story of Kindergarten
The Story of Grade 1
The Stories of Grade 3
The Story of Grade 3
The Story of Grade 4
The Story of Grade 5