June 16, 2020

Tucson, AZ — June 16, 2020 — More than 70 percent of teachers reported improvements in their teaching practices and an increase in students’ knowledge of mathematics as a result of using Illustrative Mathematics (IM) K–12 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics, according to a 2020 teacher implementation survey.

The survey, which was conducted in April 2020, included K–12 teachers across the United States. All of the teachers implemented the IM Math problem-based core curriculum in their classrooms during the 2019–20 school year. 

In the survey, teachers reported positive impacts on student knowledge, engagement, and interest in mathematics:

  • 73% of teachers reported that their students have an increased knowledge of mathematics. 
  • 73% stated that their students more frequently share their ideas in class. 
  • 66% said that their students are better able to engage in productive struggle.

Teachers also noted improvements in their teaching practices and in their own enjoyment and confidence in mathematics:

  • 72% of teachers stated that they are better able to help all students achieve tasks on grade level. 
  • 82% reported that they are better able to use a problem-based framework.
  • 89% responded that they are better able to implement math content routines with their students. 
  • 72% said that they are better able to use the 5 Practices framework.  
  • 68% said they are becoming better mathematicians.

In addition, of the teachers who participated in IM Certified Professional Learning, the majority indicated that the sessions shifted their thinking about their instructional practices and impacted their teaching practice this year. 

“The survey findings demonstrate that teachers overwhelmingly affirm the IM Math curriculum to be high-quality and useful,” said Kristin Umland, president and co-founder of IM. “Teachers noted substantial improvements in their use of the key teaching practices of problem-based instruction,​ the 5 Practices framework, and ​math content routines. They also reported improvements in their ability to address and teach to the standards, facilitate student discourse, and help students make connections to real-world problems.”

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