March 3, 2020

IM Certified™ curricula and professional learning empower teachers  to help all learners achieve grade-level mathematics

Tucson, AZ — Mar. 3, 2020 — Illustrative Mathematics (IM) announced today that IM K–12 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics now serves a half million learners across the United States. This illustrates the demand for high-quality, problem-based core programs that make rigorous mathematics accessible to all. 

Since the launch of IM 6–8 Math™ in 2017 and IM 9–12 Math™ in 2019, the problem-based core curricula have been implemented in 18,000 classrooms in 745 school districts, including nearly 270 districts with significant Title I populations. According to a fall 2019 survey, teachers who use IM K–12 Math report that it has made a positive impact on their teaching practices and student engagement and interest. They also state that it has increased their level of confidence and enjoyment for teaching.

“The survey results echo what we hear from educators every day,” said Dr. William McCallum, IM founder and president. “Teachers tell us how much they appreciate the quality of the content, how useful it is, and how energetic and enjoyable their classrooms have become with IM K–12 Math.” 

“IM K–12 Math is structured so that kids can take ownership of their learning,” said Maggie Hackett, an eighth grade math teacher and the math and science director for Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona. “They can grapple with problems, engage in productive struggle, and become mathematicians. This falls in line with where we’re trying to take our instructional practices and what we want our math classes to look like.” 

Other factors fueling the widespread adoption of IM K–12 Math are flexibility and choice. To meet the diverse needs of districts, IM Certified Distribution Partners offer IM Certified curricula via free downloads, enhanced digital platforms, and print formats.

IM also offers professional learning that is deeply integrated with the IM K–12 Math curricula. To date, more than 2,500 educators have participated in IM K–12 Math professional learning certified by Illustrative Mathematics.

About Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics. We develop and deliver core mathematics curricula along with deeply integrated professional learning experiences that ensure students receive engaging, high-quality mathematics instruction. Learn more at www.illustrativemathematics.org.

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