June 30, 2020

More than 4,500 teachers and 77,000 students nationwide will pilot the problem-based core curriculum and professional learning this fall

Tucson, AZ — June 30, 2020 — Illustrative Mathematics (IM), the author and developer of the highly rated IM 6–12 Math curriculum, has announced that its new core elementary mathematics curriculum, IM K–5 Math beta, will be piloted in schools nationwide this fall. IM K–5 Math beta is the latest chapter of the coherent, seamless, and aligned suite of IM K–12 Math curricula certified by Illustrative Mathematics.

To date, more than 80 districts have signed up to pilot IM K–5 Math beta, a standards-aligned, problem-based curriculum that sparks student engagement and fosters conceptual understanding of the underlying mathematics principles. Every activity and lesson tell a coherent mathematical story across units and grade levels, based on both the standards and research-based learning trajectories. To address unfinished learning from school closures due to COVID-19, IM K–5 Math beta will also include unit adaptation packs with just-in-time resources to provide ongoing support for students and teachers.

In addition, teachers piloting the curriculum will participate in IM Certified Professional Learning, which is designed by the IM K–5 Math authors to be deeply integrated with the curriculum. 

“From the onset of our IM K–5 Math alpha pilot, we noticed positive changes in our classrooms,” said Kelley Nogar, elementary math coach at Ocean Avenue Elementary in Portland, Maine. “The most positive shift was passing the baton to students as being the owners of the mathematics. When it came time to decide if we’d continue into the beta year, our entire district decided to continue on our journey with Illustrative Mathematics. It was the first time in decades that all teachers, administrators, and academic leaders went ‘all in’ on a math curriculum.”

The IM K–5 Math beta is available exclusively through IM Certified partners Kendall Hunt, LearnZillion, and McGraw-Hill Education

Schools interested in participating in the IM K–5 Math beta pilot can apply at:  https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/im-k5beta/

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