K–5 Math Webinar schedule

IM Webinar Series: Experience IM K–5 Math!

You’re invited to attend the IM Webinar Series: Experience IM K–5 Math! Discover how the highly anticipated final chapter in the IM Math curricula suite helps build confident teachers and engaged learners who know, use, and enjoy math.

During the series, we’ll share our vision for IM K–5 Math and how it can help create lifelong math learners.


Experience IM K–5 Math: A Roundtable Celebration with the Authors

Celebrate with Illustrative Mathematics’s CEO William McCallum and the authors of IM K-5 Math at an extraordinary event, where they reunite and share their journey, lessons learned, favorite tasks, and their hopes for a successful launch.

TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2021
2:30–4:00 PM ET
(11:30 AM–1:00 PM PT)


William McCallum
CEO and Co-founder, IM

William G. McCallum

IM K–5 Math Curriculum Authors:
  • Dionne Aminata, Grade 2–5 Lead
  • Sara Baranauskas, Grade 1 Lead
  • Alex Clayton, Kindergarten Lead
  • Zack Hill, Grade 3 Lead
  • Mike Nakamaye, Resident Mathematician
  • Deborah Peart, Grade 2 Lead
  • Noelle Conforti Preszler, Grade K–5 Writer, Reviewer
    and Instructional Designer
  • Yenche Tioanda, Grade 3–4 Writer

IMagine — How do you IMagine students and teachers using IM K-5 Math? 

IMpact What do you hope for the curriculum’s IMpact on teaching and learning? 

IMpower — How does the curriculum intend to IMpower teachers and students? 

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